Tennis HQ Building

Rod Laver Arena – Redevelopment – WMP 2
June 11, 2018
  • TaskA New Media and administration building.

Services Provided

  • Working for the Mechanical Sub-Contractor as the leading trade, it was our responsibility to ensure the services are Coordinated before construction
  • The roll required BIM Edge to work closely with the contractor Built and the other Sub-Contractors to review and resolve design and coordination issues
  • Review of Design BIM documentation from the Design team
  • Review of BIM Brief requirements
  • Advising and educating the team on BIM best practice, methods and processes to achieve the BIM Brief requirements
  • Inducting Sub-Contractors on their BIM Handover requirements
  • Review of the Sub-Contractors BIM documentation
  • Advising and educating builder on how to view and use the BIM information on an iPad on site
  • Run Sub-Contractor services coordination meetings to ensure buildability and services coordination during install on site