• Construction sequence Images, Video and Animation
    • This is computer generated Images, Video and Animation of the proposed construction process. These can be used to explain the construction process, methodology, safety in design, prefab system or construction innovation to a client or user group during tender or construction. As the construction world gets more complex there is a growing need for clear and simple communication to the client.
  • Real Time Visualization and Virtual Reality (VR)
    • This service involves developing a rendered computer model of the building, this model is then used with a VR headset to immerse the client in the building or space.
    • This real time VR environment is used to communicate many different ideas including; council planning, community engagement, client design approval, client finishes selection, explaining construction workflow and methods, client facility testing with staff and user groups.
    • VR technology offers the most realistic way to experience and understand a building or space before construction.